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Sex Doll Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sex Doll Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

With the current growth in popularity of Sex Dolls, one would be astonished at how many strange facts and numbers concerning this trend. In, here are some interesting facts about sex dolls that you may not have known:

1. A Man From Michigan Married A Sex Doll

While most sex doll owners regard their dolls as sex toys and things for their enjoyment, some men take it a step further and treat them as true partners. Davecat, a man from Michigan, is an extreme case. He not only married a sex doll named Sidore, but he also has a mistress named Elena, who is also a sex doll. Sidore Kuroneko, Davecat’s wife, is a RealDoll by Abyss Creations costs around $6,000. Sidore and Davecat aren’t officially married, but they have matching wedding bands.

2. In Japan, Sex Dolls Are Referred To as “Dutch Wives.”

In the Japanese sex doll market, sex dolls are referred to as “Dutch Wives.” This was historical because Dutch sailors were known to have spent months at sea and attempted to overcome their “loneliness” problem in inventive ways. To some extent, they had made puppets out of fabric to gratify their desires. These would be referred to as “dame de voyage” in French and “dama de Viaje” in Spanish by sailors.

3. A Sex Doll inspired barbie

Barbie is still a popular toy in most children’s households. As kid-friendly as it is now, this line of dolls had a more sophisticated beginning. A sex doll inspired barbie in the first place. Germany produced a little doll called the Bild Lilli doll in the 1950s. It was a sex doll for adult males based on Germany’s trendy and gorgeous actress. This sensual doll was quite popular among the target audience at the time. Toymakers in the United States took notice and designed a more suitable doll for youngsters. Adult dolls with bodies that resemble antique dolls are now available.

4. A Sex Doll’s Weigh Is Equivalent To That Of An Actual Women

Sex dolls may be relatively realistic. Sex dolls may seem almost impossibly identical to the real thing, from the mobility and operability of their limbs to the nuances of the hairs on their forehead, thanks to exquisite artistry and thorough industrial work. But did you realize that their weight may become somewhat realistic? Sex dolls may be rather heavy, weighing 75 to 115 pounds. This might be one of the reasons why there aren’t many females that utilize sex dolls. Moving them around is a bit of a workout due to their weight.

6. Sex Doll Fans Refer Themselves as “iDollators.”

Sex Doll fans refer to themselves as “iDollators” because of their passion for the industry and culture of sex dolls. Many iDollators regard their lifelike sex dolls as actual friends and partners, and their fan group centers on their shared love for sex dolls. After realizing that dealing with real women was too harsh for them, most of these males turned to synthetic sex dolls. Many may claim that an artificial doll would never lie, deceive, or criticize you as a real woman would and that they are thus better than their biological counterparts.

7. The Fleshlight’s Creator Owns Patent For Sperm Collecting Device

Steven Shubin, the Fleshlight’s creator, had previously dabbled in the world of synthetic sex dolls in 1995. He had previously filed a patent for a dummy filled with an oily elastomer, as he is a creative and technical individual. In 1996, he received a patent for a “device for discrete sperm collecting,” known as the Fleshlight.

8. Howard Stern Had Intercourse Live With A Sex Doll

Howard Stern is well-known for the raunchy stuff on his show, but did you know that he was a major contributor to the popularity of sex dolls in the 1990s? He had ordered a sex doll for his program at the time, and he was said to have had intercourse with it live on air. Because of the hoax’s attention, demand for the sex doll Stern utilized skyrocketed. The firm now sells up to 300 dolls every year. Howard Stern is to thank the company’s success, as each doll costs at least $5,500.

9. In Japan, Brothels Now Use Sex Dolls As Prostitutes

Even the veterans of the sex industry are taking notice of the growing popularity of sex dolls. Brothels that formerly relied only on actual flesh and blood women increasingly use sex dolls instead of human prostitutes. Japan is home to one of the first of these brothels. The Japanese’s predilection for inventing new ways to use sex dolls doesn’t end there; they previously had a TV show with a major character who was a silicone sex doll. It was titled Air Doll, and it starred Nozomi, a sex doll, and her owner, Hideo.

10. Sex Dolls Are Closest To Resemble Actual Humans

The closer a sex doll gets to realism, the creepier and more off-putting it becomes. Masahiro Mori, a robotics expert, described a phenomenon in which realistic robots appear to be increasingly frightening to humans as they got closer to actual human faces in 1970. The “uncanny valley” theory proposes that humans are more receptive to robots if they resemble what we recognize as robotic. Still, as they become lifelike, we notice minute discrepancies between them and true human faces.

Final Thoughts!

It’s astounding that the sex dolls industry has progressed so far that the product will soon become a part of everyone’s life. People are now busier than ever and don’t have time to indulge in real relationships with real humans.

Irrespective of gender, the situation is the same on both sides. When choosing a life partner, our standards and requirements are so high that it’s impossible to find what you are looking for.

With that, most individuals spend the prime time just focusing on their career and have no balance in their lives, leading to stress and other problems. And that became the primary reason for the popularity we know to see in the sex dolls industry.